I appreciate Jared's concern for the most vulnerable. Housing, transit, immigrant protections, and the environment are at the top of his agenda. I believe

Jared would be a courageous, progressive voice on City Council.

Kirk Westphal

Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 2

Jared is a strong and effective community leader. He is committed to working collaboratively to ensure all viewpoints are heard in developing reasonable and workable solutions to issues. Jared will bring a fresh and positive perspective to Council in continuing to build a sustainable, resilient, and vibrant community.

Graydon Kraphol

Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 4

Great communities are not created by accident and can't continue to be great without the right leadership. We need to ensure that we have the right planning and solutions in place to shepherd what we love about Ann Arbor while continuing to innovate for a strong future. That is why I support Jared Hoffert for Ward 2 City Council.

Sandy Aldrich

Ward 2 Resident

We need a fresh, dynamic face on City Council for Ward 2, one that understands today’s changing world, is willing to engage on tough issues, and able to realize positive outcomes for all our neighborhoods. Ann Arbor needs a visionary leader who can be pro-active rather than intransigent and stuck in old thinking, one who can quickly assess problems and work with everyone towards tangible solutions and betterment of the community. I know Jared can be our voice that says “Yes, we can!”...and one that reflects the desires and needs of the future generation rather than the past.

Stephen Rapundalo

Former Ann Arbor City Council Member Ward 2

Jared Hoffert is exactly what Ann Arbor needs to continue the path forward for working families. His ability to see the forest through the trees, focusing on the big picture, will help propel the community into continued prosperity.

Colby Cesaro

Vice President, Michigan Independent Colleges & Universities

Over the past year, responsibility for environmental sustainability has largely shifted from the federal level to state and local levels. Jared Hoffert, the only Democrat in the Ward 2 race for City Council, knows well how to translate Ann Arbor citizens' desire for a more sustainable city into action.

Jonathan Levine

Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Taubman College, University of Michigan*

Our family has lived in Ward 2 for nearly 15 years. We are very excited to support Jared Hoffert's run for City Council because we believe that the best is yet to come for our beautiful neighborhood and city. Jared has the skills and dedication to see Ann Arbor through its growth without forgetting the quality of life that sustains a small-town experience in what is ultimately an urban city. We encourage Ward 2 neighbors to vote for Jared this November!

Linh & Dug Song

Ward 2 Residents

I am confident Jared is ready to work positively toward meeting our city's citizens shared goals of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability while maintaining a high quality of life. The second ward deserves a council representative like Jared, willing to stand up for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Scott Trudeau

Member, Ann Arbor Planning Commission

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  • Jason Frenzel, Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 1

  • Julie Grand, Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 3

  • Zach Ackerman, Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 3

  • Chuck Warpehoski, Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 5

  • Ron Baumanis, Former President - Board of Directors: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

  • Janis Bobrin, Former Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner

  • Jerry & Joyce Cunningham

  • Martha Darling

  • Paul Daugherty

  • Kathy & Tony Derezinski

  • Nancy & Del Dunbar

  • Jen Strayer Eyer, Former Washtenaw County Commissioner

  • J. Bruce Fields

  • Cami & Scott Fussey

  • Jeff Gaynor, AAPS Board Member

  • Michael & Rachel Goldberg

  • David Greenspan

  • Gregory Gropper

  • Leah Gunn, Former Washtenaw County Commissioner, Former Chair AADDA

  • Teresa Hatcher

  • Laurie & Tim Harrison

  • Allison Jeter

  • Andy LaBarre, Chair - Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

  • Jonathan Levine

  • Jeff Lewis, Organizer - Pipefitters Local Union 636

  • Joan Lowenstein, Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember, Ward 2

  • Ann Martin

  • Valerie Michol

  • Jan Barney Newman

  • Gil Omenn

  • Laura & Kevin Perdeaux

  • Adele Roy, Member - Board of Directors: Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

  • Sandy Smith

  • Jeff Spindler

  • Ned Staebler

  • Annie Sullivan

  • Mark Tillinger

  • Jonathan Trobe

  • Lisa & Eric Walters

*Title is given for identification purposes only and does not indicate University/organization support or endorsement for any position or candidate.

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